Addons enabled but menu links gone

About a week ago, the links to my addons disappeared from my menu bar. Since this is the only place I can access their settings, this renders them pretty unusable. I’ve tried Customize and no options exist for the addons. I’ve tried the refresh Firefox option and that did nothing. I tried deleting and then reinstalling them… still nothing. Will be forced to use Opera :frowning: if I can’t figure this out. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, I did see the post from a few years ago where someone had a similar problem. The advice does not apparently apply to any settings, files or folder I actually have with my current install.

You can usually access extension settings via the “Add-ons” page where you can manage them all. Select an extension and click on the “Preferences” tab.

So you are saying you do not see any toolbar buttons for your extensions? Which extensions specifically? And what Firefox version?

I am also having this problem. I added youtube downloader to Firefox, but it doesn’t appear in the toolbar. Neither does downloader express. When I use the “more tools” button to add them to the toolbar, they aren’t in the list of items to add. In fact, if I set to defaults, only 4 of my add-ons even show up in the list. How do I add my most used add-ons to the toolbar?

Not all extensions add toolbar buttons.The ones that do you should find in the customization pallette and you can reorder them. Some extensions have no ui at all, or only inside a website, provide a sidebar (available from the list of sidebars) or have a page action, which is a button in the url bar that is only dislayed for sites the extension applies to. You can see all buttons that can appear in the toolbar in the “…” menu. You can also right click on items to pin/unpin them.

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I am having this problem as well. There had been toolbar buttons for some of my extensions, like Send to Kindle and LeechBlock, but they’ve been removed, and there seems to be no option to get them back. I’m being too indirect: there is no option to get them back. There is no option to add any Firefox extension to the customized menu.

You could do a toolbar layout reset and see whether that helps. See the “Restore Defaults” button at the bottom of the Customize tab:

By the way, what are you referring to here:

It was just pointed out to me, that if you have Firefox in “permanent private mode”, so set to not remember history or cookies, you will have to manually enable extensions one by one in the add-ons manager to be allowed in private mode.

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Same thing happened to me, I just went back into the Add-ons menu and turned them off and on again. Don’t know why it happened, wasn’t in private mode and was still logged into my firefox account :man_shrugging:t3:

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Crazy, but this turn-off-and-on worked for me. Odd how it’s still happening almost a year later. We did lose power here while I was on the system, perhaps the FireFox profile got corrupted.

Yes,tried everything. Turning the add ons on and off worked!

I lost Addblocker, Javascript, and downloader today, I also lost the normal tool bar tabs, but was able to restore them. I think I had a Windows update, or Dell update that might have caused it

I just tried that, and it worked. Thanks

This is exactly what happened to me. It is a pain to go into each one and allow it in private mode, but it works! All except one add-on I have called facebook container which does not have that option.

Since the update of the last Firefox version, it’s happened to me also. I’ve tried to disable/enable the add-ons, set them to “run in private windows” but to no avail.
That’s pretty annoying!

Oh I see! All the addons shortcuts are grouped now into the little puzzle piece button!
I prefer how it was before where all the shortcuts were directly accessible. :slightly_frowning_face: