Blog migration, Github teams cleanup

Dear Mozillians from India. This month has been eventful. I thought it is only fair to summarize the news (from my perspective) here for recording.

Firstly, it is hacktoberfest season and there is a lot of activity + enthusiasm that has triggered much of this. So, kudos to that.


The blog was not engaging contributors as evident by the dismal two blog posts in the last two years. So, community members debated and discussed in Telegram group the pros and cons of switching over to a modern framework. To make matters easy, I exported the content from wordpress to github. The blog is still being served through wordpress. But having the content migrated, now it is possible for anyone to improve it. I’ve raised a bug for the possible move later. I think the direction we are going in is to switch to jekyll on github pages unless something better comes up or someone figures out a big problem in the plan. Please feel free to weigh in on this topic.


I’m sorry I did some reorganization of the teams on github on my own without asking a lot of people on how to do it. (Github has changed the way teams work and it made sense to delete some obsolete teams). I’ve tried to preserve the commit/triage access of everyone who had those accesses. If someone has lost any kind of access/membership during this shuffle, it is completely a mistake on my part and I request you to kindly let me know and I’ll make amends.

Right now there are only 4 teams (vs the 10 something in the past) on the github organization. They are:

  • Members - everyone who has gotten added to teams (read access to every repository)
  • Bug hunters - people who have triage access to repositories
  • Core devs - Admin access to (almost) all repositories (that is @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw, me, @sayak, and @jaipradeesh - the first three are also Owners of the organization)
  • Content creators - (created by renaming the privacy month team) - people with write access to select repositories.

There is a lot of room for improvement on how to organize these teams and who should be on these teams. I think we will be able to do these in the future weeks.


I certainly am thinking as I am sure many of you do “Who appointed me to do all this?” I shall be completely honest about that. I am self appointed. But not completely so. I was part of the meta team as decided in the last community meetup which discussed specifically this. It has been so long that the community is living half dead. I am doing what I think is the right things to do. But I also believe that I could be making a lot of mistakes and therefore am completely willing to make this a more consensual thing. But this consensus stuff has just not been working for the past 3 something years. Even if to create controversy, I would be happy if someone engaged with these points on how the Mozilla India community is managed.

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Never apologize for taking initiative for something that needed done and no one else stood up to it.


@asdofindia - whacky idea coming up.

Why don’t we hire 2-3 interns to work over Christmas Holidays to fix the site?
I’m ready to sponsor one.

There’s nothing preventing you from announcing something like that.

But I think the volunteers are doing a good job.

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Got it!

If volunteers are getting it done, then it’s okay.

Any deadline for the revamp?