Multirow Toolbar desperatly needed

I am quite desperate in fact… It as been several months i did not update Firefox, because “multirow toolbar” extension is not supported anymore with new versions of Firefox.
I really NEED to use a favorites toolbar , constantly visible, using at least 3 rows to stock direct access to the pages i need.
Is there another add-on allowing such use ?
Will Multirow Toolbar be allowed to be supported by a near future version ?
Thanks for any kin of help on this purpose …

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Currently, extensions cannot do that. You can use custom style rules in a userChrome.css file to “wrap” the bookmarks toolbar to multiple rows. For example:

It’s about a 10 minute project to set up a userChrome.css file and unfortunately you need to be careful that you use just the right folder and file names and put them in just the right places. But lots of others users have done it and so can you.

I went another way. I created a local Intranet webpage with small images with links on for all the sites I go to often. I then set it as my homepage. I can then get all my favourite sites with one click on the home icon. I can add new sites, update links, delete old sites, change order for higher priority at the top, etc. as required. Have used this method for many years and now have a copy online as well as local so i can get my sites from anywhere. Also works on other browsers so you don’t have to customise each one with the bookmarks toolbar or equivalent.

Now need to create code/ pages. You can use . It lets you control and put favorites you also share with other browsers (like Chrome) with no import after saved once