Bookmarks Preferences - Auto Sort-by-name within folders

After using Firefox since v1.8? one painful job is keeping bookmarks sorted-by-name within folders. I have a large number of folders, subfolders, and bookmarks within each. Every time a bookmark is added to a folder, it is added at the end of the folder. That’s the way it has worked – forever.

What is needed is a Preference that:

[ x ] Sort bookmarks within folders by name.

This should NOT sort folders themselves by name, just the bookmarks within them. You could add another preference to “Sort folders by name.”, but it should be a separate preference allowing user-choice whether bookmarks, folders or both are sorted by name. (you could make a dropdown as well to allow choice over how items are sorted, e.g. Name, Age, etc…)

This would save a countless amount of tedium required to go folder-by-folder, activating the context menu and choosing sort-by-name for every folder in the tree.

That would be a very welcomed addition. (hint: qsort() is your friend)

Thoughts, comments, worth a feature-request on Bugzilla?

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Thank You I especially appreciate the way you explained how to enable the Auto Sort-by-name within folders preference. This is a really helpful feature, and I am glad to know that it is available.

Well… Problem is – it isn’t available. The purpose of the post was to generate discussion on whether that is something that would be useful and determine whether devs are interested in a feature-request.

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I don’t think this feature needs to be integrated into FIrefox.
It could easily be implemented with an extension.
See Mozilla > Add-ons > Browser extensions > JavaScript > APIs > bookmarks

That is another avenue. Though I’ve tried to avoid extensions with the potential for compromise (by those like Michael3 :), or potential for no longer being developed if the author takes a new job, etc…

Which, for something so integrated with bookmarks themselves, like the sort, order, it’s almost worth a simple recursive scandir() folder and a qsort(). (at least that was my thinking). And for something as simple as that, I didn’t see why that couldn’t be a 100 line addition (with validation, etc…) to the bookmarks themselves.

I’ll look at the API, though I’ve never been a big fan of JS for other than actual web development (but I guess considering everything is a webpage now… it may be easy enough to do, god I miss the Gtk+2 Firefox) I’ll take a look. (though I am glad mork is no more…)