Bridging IRC with telegram

Hello SUMO nation,
lately there has been a discussion on the Support Mozilla channel on telegram about bridging with IRC and slack.

The idea is that a bridge between irc and telegram can help the community having one room for communicating while using the tool of their preference.

I personally agree with the idea, I think having to follow one room instead of 2 helps following the conversations happening better and also enables the feeling of having one community rather a fragmented one.

Bonus is when someone has a question, there is no need to repost it in different channels in order to reach to all contributors.

What are your thoughts? If there are no objections we will move with the bridge later this week.

I think we need to list down all the communication channels we have to avoid any more confusion. These are the things that I’m aware of:

  • 2 Telegram groups (SUMO and Social Support)
  • 2 IRC rooms (#sumo and #aoa)
  • 2 slack channels (#social_support and #sumo2)
  • … feel free to add if I missed anything.

I would personally vote for keeping one of the Slack channels for NDA discussion. For the rest, we can bridge SUMO telegram group with #sumo on IRC, and the Social Support group on Telegram with the #aoa on IRC.

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theres a few more social slack channel, but yeah thats pretty much it.

it looks like it going to be like that, as slack bridging isn’t being done anymore.

they’re already bridged?

yes, but it also bridged with #sumo on IRC. I think it’s better if #sumo on IRC being bridged with SUMO on Telegram.

I don’t think its bridged with #sumo on irc?

I remember it was bridged some times ago. But yeah, I think the bridge was broken now.

Ah, also I spoke with a user, who opposes the bridging because

  1. they don’t want their messages on telegram
  2. they feel there is no need for it to be bridged
  3. its susceptible to security issues/spamming/etc
  4. it can be considered unrelibale for communications
  5. telegram is sometimes in the news for not so good things being done on it/using it
  6. you can’t see who’s all online
  7. issues with how the messages are formatted
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Hey @hostmaster
Thanks for bringing those up and be the bridge. I am going to address the issues per item.

was there a specific reason for not to? telegram is used frequently by other community members and by not having them there it just isolates one part of the community to the other

this is a feeling and not a reason. I understand uncertainty on something new but again there is a reason and that is better communication

can we be more specific on security issues? On spamming it’s the same case with IRC. At least on telegram is easier to ban spammers from a group

unreliable in what way exactly? again we are not forcing people to join the telegram channel, we are just briding the two channels to give visibility on conversations

if we are referring to the terrorist groups accusations (only assuming here) I would suggest it’s not the technology’s fault but the people using it

and that is for privacy reasons, the users can actually select to show if they want to appear online or not

I am not sure what that means to be honest

Again thanks @hostmaster for bringing this forward. From the comments here I see more concerns on the tool (this case telegram) that a portion of community chose to use rather on the fact we are connecting the community to each other. And that’s why the suggestion is to bridge the tools and enable everyone to participate and ask each other rather than be fragmented.

I will leave this open until the end of the week and unless there are concerns against the bridging as not being a good way to connect the community I will move forward.

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@couci so I guess its getting bridged now, since its now monday?

Yes this has been now implemented

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Hi, I’m not very expert in the subject, can IRC people also see telegram messages?

yes, it works both ways