Bring back Download Them All add-on

(Suruchi45) #1

‘Download Them All’ is a useful add-on. Now it is not compatible with Firefox Quantum (57.0).
Kindly bring this extension back to life.
This has been my essential factor for using firefox over chrome.


I agree 100% If I can’t get DownThemAll back I’m dumping my (past) favorite browser. I don’t care for some of the changes, and now that DownThemAll has been automatically removed when Firefox updated there is really little reason for me to stick with Firefox. Seems the old “Windows 10” philosophy of “drastic unwanted changes” has been forced on Firefox users. Just saying. :slight_smile:

(Martin Giger) #3

An update is planned by the author of dta:

Meanwhile there are other extensions that do similar things (like Download Star).

(Agung Aryo) #4

Firefox without DTA means “goodbye FireFox”

the author of DTA said

(technically, it still even works in Quantum Nightly, with some minor changes and a lot of “convincing”, because, again, mozilla’s reason to disable legacy extensions is not a technical need due to Quantum but entirely a political decision at this point)