Quantum is a disaster, leaving firefox after 15 years

I’ve been hanging on with firefox v56 for a few years now hoping that some of the valuable extensions I use would have replacements on the new versions by now.

Since that is not happening, and there are more and more sites that don’t work with the old version, I thought it was time to try and upgrade to Quantum. After wasting a few days trying to get it to be usable I have given up. Having to spend an hour or two to get the tab bar where it works for me by customizing the css seems absurd. Extensions that I depend on have no replacement. But the breaking point was that my 1000+ passwords are not visible. The appropriate files are there, and an editor shows that all the passwords are present. But not to firefox 80. I’m sure I could export, import, sync, whatever and waste more hours and eventually get them, but if I have to go through all that BS, I will do for a different browser, one that does not appear to be going down the tubes.

The Mozilla Foundation ought to be doing some serious introspection on how you screwed things up so badly. All the ‘commitments’ about extending the new API so legacy extensions could be updated came to nought. The result is a previously great product, now on its deathbed.

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Sadly, but I must agree

Like i test last version of FF dev edition it feels slowly, default without plgs, M$ edge seems faster but i ll be loyal to FF and opensource always:)