BS on AMO's "acceptable use policy"

Bs that mozilla took my extension down from AMO because it “went against acceptable use policy” yet there’s multiple other extensions that do exactly the same thing on the exact same website as mine. Pretty much BS from my point of view.

I totally agree with you, even though your post gives zero information on anything.

Maybe your competitors reported you?
Anyway, if you know about extensions that doesn’t comply with the AMO policy, you should report them!

And lastly, if this is some case of usage of “eval” or other forbidden techniques, know that in many cases there is a workaround that will make code safe and AMO compliant.

sorry, the extension of mine i was talking about is this

which looks for a tab with the title to make sure there is a tab with this website open, and gets the count down in the title and sees if it is ready for the next free roll, and when it is it clicks a button in the page, also looks to see if a few other buttons on the website are available and clicks those as well. no eval no errors, no warnings when uploading to the AMO. they rejected it because they claim its an illegal gambling website, though i and my extension use it as a bitcoin faucet.

oh and now i can’t even manually install the addon from file. it keeps saying its corrupt, yet if i debug it, it will let it install, and if i check compatibility from the crx checker it says it compatible.

Gambling is illegal in the United States, where Mozilla is based. That’s why gambling extensions aren’t allowed on AMO.

Hi Caitlin, it sounds as though this policy only affects hosting by Mozilla, and that absent other considerations, an author should be able to get an extension that facilitates gambling signed for self-distribution. Does that sound right?