Words found that violate the Mozilla conditions of use

(Akito Iwakura) #1

Hi! I’m trying to port my extension from Chrome to Firefox. It makes use of Ace.js as the most convenient syntax highlighter, and AMO rejects my addon because of “words found that violate the Mozilla conditions of use”. These words found in Ace.js, but validator does not say where and what words are considered to violate the terms of use.

What ways I have to fix this problem? What words are forbidden? I also have some warnings about innerHTML and eval() in Ace.js, but I don’t think that rewriting the 3rd party library is a good idea and validator says that addon is ready to be published even with these warnings.

This extension (with 3rd party libraries) is published on GitHub.

(Jorge) #2

I filed an issue to make the correction in the linter.