Building an Arabic dataset for common voice

(Ahmedadly) #1

Hello, I want to contribute in starting the Arabic dataset on common voice, I’m a nerd with 18 years of software engineering mess, How can we do that :slight_smile:?

Thank you,

How to train with other languages
(Michael Henretty) #2

The first step would be localizing the website into Arabic. If you are interested, send an email to me (mikey [at] mozilla [dot] com) and Peiying (pmo [at] mozilla [dot] com) and we will get you set up.

(Ahmedadly) #3

Done, Email sent
Done, Email sent

(Tonytonyissaissa) #4

Dear Michael,

Do you have a plan to launch Arabic support soon ?

I am also interested in this project. Could you tell me when the website will start collecting speech ?

Best regards,