Building Spidermonkey

Hi all,

I am new to building Spidermonkey. Following the steps in the site below allowed me to compile it successfully.

However, how do i determine what version was compiled? Moreover, how do I specify which version to compile?

Thank you in advance.



It depends on where you got the source code. If it’s the mozilla-central or mozilla-unified Mercurial repository, your SM version likely corresponds to Firefox Nightly (currently version 106, soon 107).

You can use ./mach run -- --help | grep Version to see the version number. For the Nightly branch I currently get this:

$ ./mach run -- --help | grep Version
Version: JavaScript-C106.0a1

I hope this helps.

Hello jandem,

Thank you. This helped a lot.

I was able to build the version of Spidermonkey I needed and determined that it is the correct version.


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