CALL FOR PARTICIPATION in a Panel Discussion on " Breaking the Anglocentrism of the Internet - perspectives from the Common Voice community " at the MozFest 2023

Hey Common Voice Community

The MozFest event is fast approaching, which will take place online from the 20th - 24th of March 2023. The Common Voice team will host a panel discussion titled “Breaking the Anglocentrism of the Internet” and would like to extend an invitation for you to join the conversation as a panelist.
The purpose of the panel discussion is to bring together individuals who are advancing resource developments, particularly, speech technology for their home languages to discuss the current state of the digital world and the challenges of making it more inclusive and representative of diverse cultures and languages.
We aim to have an open and honest dialogue about the barriers that exist in creating a fair representation of all the world’s languages on the digital platform and discuss solutions going forward.
As a starting point, the discussion will be based on the following questions, which will serve as discussion points:
· Should we be worried about the dominance of English as the first language of the web? Why?
· Do you think there’s been a change on the web in the last 10 years? How much have things changed?
· How does operating in a second or third language affect people’s experiences on the internet?
· What changes can be made to ensure language inclusivity on the internet? What are the barriers?
Please note that these are not final questions, you are more than welcome to add more questions/discussion points you may deem fit for the panel discussion.
If you would like to participate as a panelist, kindly complete the brief form provided below.

Please be advised that we require only four panelists, but we warmly welcome everyone to join the session and be part of the conversation.

Language Community Coordinator

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