Weekly Update: International Mother Languages Day, Nuancing Sentence Collection

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TLDR: Celebrating International Mother Languages Day, Nuancing Sentence Collection, Common Voice Language Rep Session, Common Voice at Mozfest

International Mother Languages Day

:world_map: Next Monday is International Mother Languages Day !

In the next few days on the Mozilla Instagram and Twitter we will be celebrating the day and inspiring people to take part in Common Voice. If you would like to access the graphics we are using please check on the community drive.

[Alt Text: Screenshoot of the Mozilla Instagram Stories]

On International Mother Languages Day (21st February) we will also be launching a writing competition on our Blog for the chances of winning a new Common Voice Tote Bag.

[Alt Text: New Common Voice Community Tote Bag]

Common Voice Language Reps Session: This Wednesday

Next Wednesday we are hosting the Common Voice Language Rep sessions for reps. We will be discussing the reward, enablement and recognition scheme for Common Voice.

Afterwards I will share the wider presentation with everyone in the community via the weekly update and by updating the recongition and reward discussion topic.

Nuancing Sentence Collection

Earlier this week, we published the team proposal to nuance sentence collection requirements for languages taking part in Common Voice.

If you would like to give feedback please comment on the linked topic.


Opportunities and highlights

State of Internet Languages Report

This coming Wednesday, Whose Knowledge Team will be launching the State of Internet Languages Report, you can join in by watching the Youtube Stream. You might see a familiar face (me), taking part in the panel :slight_smile:

Common Voice at Mozfest

Mozfest is around the corner ! There is still time to register to attend the virtual festival on March 7th to 11th. Check out our elevator pitches for the Common Voice sessions happening in March.

Language Panel: ​​With what words should I speak? Impact of Voice technology on Language Diversity, 7th March

  • Language inequity in technology impacts our access to information and connection to each other. This panel seeks to uplift the voice of researchers and activists doing the work to reduce inequity in speech technology.

Hack the Planet: building real tech for the world’s languages, 8th March

  • In 90 minutes you can learn how to apply Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech for the language(s) and apps of your choice using Coqui’s existing voice tech which has been trained using data from the Common Voice project.

What is the future of open source community building ? 10th March

  • What is the future of open source community building ? How can we learn from the past, and from each other to ensure open source communities are sustainable and inclusive ?

The Improtu Poetry Slam: Mozfest Edition, 10th March

  • Socially connect with other Mozfest participants through the power of poetry, whilst also contributing to Common Voice.

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Happy International Mother Languages Day !

We have just launched the competition, learn more here: