Can extension developers schedule a date to publish their extensions?

My team has been developing a Firefox extension, which works together with our website, and we listed it on AMO.
We are now using signing API to sign our extension and go to AMO Developer Hub to manually publish it.
However, every time we submit a new version, it will go publicly pretty fast, which kind of break the release schedule of our website.
For example we release our website at 01/01/2019, we would like to publish the new Firefox extension version at the same time, or a bit later after that.
True, we can just manually submit new Firefox extension version after 01/01/2019, but I am wondering is there any better approach.
For example, when we submit new version on AMO Developer Hub, can we schedule a time so that the submitted new version will genuinely go public after that time.
Or is there any API we can use to publish a new version?
Thank you very much.

Hi @thusimon

I think that you can do this, yes.

Submit your add-on as normal, but when you get the email telling you it is approved, go to Manage My Submissions, selec the add-ons status and set it from Approved to Invisible. You then change it back when you want the add-on to go live.

I am doing this at the moment with two themes I am working on - marking them as invisible until I have made them better for people to use.

Thank you @Seburo
I see, the invisible button is an option, I will ask my release manager to try that.
I was hoping there is something more standardized, which can be done via script or API, but currently there seems no such feature on AMO.