Can I place my context menu item at the top of the context menu?

(Seth) #1

I’m looking at writing an extension to copy Chrome’s new tab option in the tab-bar’s context menu (e.g.), but for this to work effectively I would need to add a context menu item to the top of the tab’s context menu. I found the menu’s API and the context type attribute, but cannot find any references to object placement within the context menu.

Is this impossible?

(erosman) #2

If you mean in WebExtension, that is not possible. The API puts all add-ons’ context-menus at the bottom.

(Seth) #3

Thanks for the reply. That is frustrating. I guess that leaves me with two options: Patch upstream or go back to Chrome. I use that button too much :confused:

(Niklas Gollenstede) #4

You can probably use the userChrome.css to rearrange the items in the menus.