Can I set my toggle button to click between sizes like in Chrome?

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 12.54.33 AM

It’s obviously making some change because it’s reading a srcset specification to change from ‘big’ to ‘small’ images but the layout stays the same when it is coded to do otherwise according to scale. I’m also sure the code is right for the scale, because when I drag the browser to imitate phone size, it does adjust.
Thanks for any advice!

Hello @heidimaybe,

I’m not sure I understand what you mean? Which button are you talking about?

Hi Nicolas, thanks for the response in light of my vagueness! … I mean either of the two buttons circled in this screenshot

I was put onto it in Chrome a couple of weeks back, via a beginners coding course, to test responsive webdesign across different formats. Now I’m trying to use it again (and have since been wanting to migrate to firefox, due to all the coding lessons it puts out for free, it seems cooler, but I’m finding it very anti-intuitive so far!).
Anyway, those buttons caused my browser view of the website I was making to flick between standard screensizes for computers, phone and i-pad the first time I used it, -might have even been able to preset the sizes I wanted and then they stayed for toggling - but they don’t seem to do so on either browser (firefox or chrome) anymore. The only way to see different sizes is to physically pull the sides of my browser to make it thin, but it won’t even show phone sizes unless I pull up a sidebar to take up some space!

Hello Heidi!

What you are talking about is called Responsive Design Mode (or RDM for short). See for how to toggle it and for detailed info how to use it.

It also allows you to switch between predefined sizes and you can even define your own ones.


Thanks a lot this also helped me a lot.