Can you help me adding Turkmen(tk) language?

I would appreciate if you help me with adding Turkmen language to Mozilla voice.


Hey Nuryslam,

Thanks for your request.

To add Turkmen on to Common Voice you currently need to do the following:

  1. Please make a request via github, - the form includes a few questions about your language (if you don’t know how to use github, I can help out)
  2. Once Turkmen is available on pontoon our localisation platform, you or a community of people you create can start to localise the platform. You will need a pontoon account to do this. Your language will appear in progress at around 90% localisation of the common voice website.
  3. You will need to build a cc0 sentence corpus of 5,000 (to note this may change soon, but more words and phoneme variation the better the dataset.
  4. You might want to reach out to people who speak Turkmen who are interested in building a community around the Common Voice project or STT models for your language. Feel free to use the social media campaign tools to help build awareness

If you have any questions please let me know !


Hi @Nuryslam_Amangulyyev , welcome :grinning:

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