Can't figure out how to work with img for each locale

If there a way to have images specific to a locale? Like image whether there is text in eglish and in russian?

I see that I can have a local specific description of an image, but I can’t have the image itself be locale dependent.

Hi @manuka, unfortunately you can’t set locale-specific images on your add-on listing page.

Sad. Can I have local specific tags? Right now I have eng and rus tags mixed together.

This might be another bummer. :frowning: Tagging is a legacy feature that isn’t currently exposed on the site [1].

Your best bet right now is to focus on localizing the add-on name, summary, and description for the AMO listing to help improve your search ranking on AMO and to make sure users in both EN and RU have a good experience when they visit your listing page.

I had the same problem on Thunderbird. I prepared 10 sets of screenshots - and discovered that ATN (AMO equivalent) can’t handle them.

How about raising a bug/issue for this for AMO?. If so please link it to mine:

TB has no resources, but Mozilla might have ; )