Can't sign in to my email website or complete a PayPal transaction with Multi-Account Container enabled

My email website allows me to stay signed in for 2 weeks. At the end of the two weeks, it kicks me off and I have to sign in again. I have the email website in a Multi-Account container named ‘email’. When the Multi-Account Container extension is enabled and I have to re-connect to my email again, I do not get the website’s sign-in screen. Instead I get a message that the website has run into a problem. And then it puts me back to sign in again [I am in a loop.] But, if I disable the extension, then I am able to sign in without a problem.

In addition, whenever I order something from a website and elect to pay for it with PayPal, the website directs me to PayPal (whose URL is in a “Shopping” container), but after logging into PayPal with the extension enabled, PayPal says that it doesn’t have any record of a transaction request from the merchant. I have to disable the extension before I get directed to PayPal and then when I log into PayPal (not in a container because the extension has been disabled), the merchant request is waiting there for me to approve.

There seems to be something in the Multi-Account Container extension that makes it impossible to get the sign-in screen at the email website and that makes it impossible for a transaction to be recognized when a merchant directs me to PayPal.

Is there someway to get around these two problems?