Unnecessary and annoying prompt + bug

I have emails for business and personal. I want to login to the biz email in a biz container and the personal in a personal container.

The sessions time out and I have to refresh the page and login in again.

However, when I hit refresh on the personal account I get a prompt asking me to confirm that I want to open that URL in the personal container instead of the biz container. Likewise, when I refresh the biz account, instead of just refreshing it asks if I want to open it in the personal account.

To stop this craziness, I tried to set and unset the always open in x container setting.

To make a long story short, it got stuck and would only open the URL in one container. Yes, I right clicked on the page and the always open setting was not checked.

The solution (IMHO)?

  1. use the entire address when you do the checking. IF it is just a base URL AND the always open setting is checked AND it’s in the wrong container, then show the prompt.

  2. Have an option, turn off check and always open in x container.

  3. If the tab is already open, and the base URL is already there, don’t do anything (in other words, check if it’s being refreshed/reloaded).

That aside, thank you for taking the time to make this addin.

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I came here to write exactly the same comment about the functionality. For me, the main reason to use the containers is to be able to stay logged in to different accounts at the same website. The fact that the annoying prompt exists means that nobody thought about such a use case, I guess. For me this is pretty much the only use case. There doesn’t seem to be a way to disable that prompt. IMO the solution would be to just open the website in the container which the user is choosing and not ask if he/she is sure. In fact I cannot think about a case where it would be a problem for me that I opened a website in a wrong container by accident. I just close it and open it again in the right one…