Unnecessary and annoying prompt + bug

I have emails for business and personal. I want to login to the biz email in a biz container and the personal in a personal container.

The sessions time out and I have to refresh the page and login in again.

However, when I hit refresh on the personal account I get a prompt asking me to confirm that I want to open that URL in the personal container instead of the biz container. Likewise, when I refresh the biz account, instead of just refreshing it asks if I want to open it in the personal account.

To stop this craziness, I tried to set and unset the always open in x container setting.

To make a long story short, it got stuck and would only open the URL in one container. Yes, I right clicked on the page and the always open setting was not checked.

The solution (IMHO)?

  1. use the entire address when you do the checking. IF it is just a base URL AND the always open setting is checked AND it’s in the wrong container, then show the prompt.

  2. Have an option, turn off check and always open in x container.

  3. If the tab is already open, and the base URL is already there, don’t do anything (in other words, check if it’s being refreshed/reloaded).

That aside, thank you for taking the time to make this addin.