Can't submit recordings because I'm told they are too quiet even though they're not

Most of my recordings are rejected now (started today) because they are considered too quiet. This happens on two separate, independent devices that I have submitted many recordings with before. I know from experience that they should not be too quiet because I used to play back recordings I was about to submit and could hear them without any problems even with a low sound volume. Even if I yell directly into the mic when recording, I’m still told the recording is too silent (did it just for testing purposes).

Another weird thing is also that a recording is sometimes accepted and the very next is not, even though both recordings were recorded with the same device, distance to the microphone and speech volume. And when that happens, I can still hear what I said in the accepted recording loud and clear without any problems so I don’t think that the volume was just barely high enough.

Given that I have this problem happens on two different devices with which I always got recordings with normal sound levels, could this be a bug? Or is the volume threshold used to determine whether a recording is too quiet or not way too high?

Thanks for reporting this! There wasn’t a new release last week, so there shouldn’t have been any changes in clips being accepted. Is this still persisting?

Can you tell me what browser you were using?

I don’t know why but the problem is gone now on both devices I use for the recordings. Thanks!

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Awesome, thanks for letting us know!