When is quiet too quiet?

I don’t know if it’s possible to lookup the individual clips. But this one the clips that i never know what to with. It’s quiet but still barely audible if i increase my volume.
Have had decent amount of clips from this user

clip-id: 30711810
clip-glob: c33d80e8-08d9-438d-a350-50518ca2a68a/301258733088c03b77210df7c27609382782fca17c7cc2e374095b5cc8db0856
sentence-id: 301258733088c03b77210df7c27609382782fca17c7cc2e374095b5cc8db0856
expiry-date: 2023-03-07 02:45:37.218

I’m very new to the project but was also thinking along similar lines. Do you know if each participant have a fixed id so that it would be possible to filter out consistently quiet/poor quality recordists?

No idea. This is a similar clip but I don’t see any similarties

clip-id: 36120098
clip-glob: 87453714-6c96-49c7-86c3-d342b453fa44/28bf25a76e59017b6db47bb486bb2439bb9be1a16af61581c3c1308b084141de
sentence-id: 28bf25a76e59017b6db47bb486bb2439bb9be1a16af61581c3c1308b084141de
expiry-date: 2023-03-07 02:45:37.221

If logged in or using the same device/browser as logged out / not registered, you can pinpoint problematic voices from dataset releases (not on the website). The client_id field in .tsv files is where you should look.

Low voice level happens sometimes, at least in my case, the person is speaking at night, e.g. in a dorm, so that nobody gets disturbed.

Very low energy levels can be problematic. In one case I had to remove a very silent one to be able to create a model. Common Voice is targeting natural speech, and such recordings are not-so-natural (silent whisper). E.g., Whisper checks/eliminates such problematic ones.

In my opinion, if one has problems understanding with a reasonable volume setting, he/she should invalidate it. If you have problems understanding, the DL model will also have problems. But that’s me…

I have to repeat almost every second sentence after listening back, because it is too quiet, although it can be heard clearly. It will be good for repetition. I’m using Google Chrome on an Android phone. I started to read out load the sentences only yesterday.

I usually don’t use my phone for recording but just tried it with my Samsung Galaxy s7e. It is working just fine. On my rather old phone, or on Chrome there are no microphone sensitivity settings. On the Internet, I found some mention of disabling noise suppression in settings, worth trying if it exists.

Or, maybe your speaker volume is too low or you are holding your phone too much away (mine was ~25 cm away)?