Test page for testing your device and the loudness

I think it would be convenient if there was a test page where one can test the device used for collecting voices. Right now this can only be done when speaking the actual sentences. An additional bar with the level of volume would be nice too.
Test voices would be thrown away when leaving the page, or maybe used to hear (yourself) back, but not necessarily needed.

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This is interesting.

What are the current problems you are seeing that might be solved by a solution like this?


Well, I ran into this problem, when I tried tot use CV on my laptop and after speaking, the site only reported “The recording was too quiet.”.
After checking I finally figured out my microphone wasn’t working at all :frowning: .
I fixed the problem and it now works fine, so this request might be overdue, unless more people find it interesting. Maybe an indicator of the volume is enough and an external link for actual functioning of the microphone.
This was more from a Dummy point of view if people start donating there voice.

Some of the clips are really quiet, others have shockingly bad audio quality.

I posted an issue about this a while ago: https://github.com/mozilla/voice-web/issues/1848


Let me see with the team how to make sure this is evaluated as part of their backlog.

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I just ran into a quite large bunch of silent clips, only a barely hearable noise floor present. Are there any way to report or fix this. I guess if I use the developer tools in the browser I can see the IDs of the clips, can I use that to help report to the user or find the cause of the problem? Quite annoying to spend the time rejecting empty clips as they keep coming.