Cc2531 zigbee adapters support

I’d like to play with Mozilla WebThings. I’d install it on my Raspberry 3 to control some zigbee bulbs (still to buy).

I read DIGI Xstick and Conbee zigbee adapters are supported but they’re not cheap or easy to find here in Italy. Are the cheap cc2531 usb adapters a viable alternative?

There is a pull request to add support for the cc253x: but I’ve been so bust with other things that I haven’t had a chance to review and test it.

So apparently support for my CC2531 dongle is here. I’ve flashed it following the instructions in the link above:

  • downloaded the correct firmware in hex format (not the zigbee2mqtt one!)
  • got the bin file on linux
  • used and arduino duemilanove board with a firmware from ccloader to flash the dongle
  • connected it to my dongle using four jumper cables (had to bend its pins to do so) while the dongle was powered from USB
  • flashed it on windows with ccloader (or I had to compile ccloader!)

Flash process ended with no errors but I guess the dongle is not working ok. The most obvious thing is its LED is off but it also fails to detect ikea tradfri bubs when trying.

How do I check if the dongle is correctly detected and working?
Should I flash it again?

Well, my fault. It does work indeed. LED is off but not a problem. journald shows zigbee-adaper being loaded and all. It just took some time to detect the bulb.

Very good!

Hi Dudud,

I’m wondering to buy the same dongle and integrate it with mozilla IOT to control bulbs and switchs (on/off).
Do you have any success with it?

Hi, I’m in the same, but should I flash by obligation? cc debugger is very expensive.
this link I opened a discussion.