Changing the look of your login, part 2

Last week, the IAM Project launched a new login experience. Yesterday, we released a new version that fixes some of the glitches the initial version had.

These are some of the things we have addressed:

  • Autologin now shows what login method you’re autologging in with. Also, everyone will now get a loading spinner rather than the login form while autologin is being attempted. And we have turned off autologin for Passwordless logins.
  • Various UI tweaks were made, including an improved mobile layout and submitting with ENTER from the password field now ‘just’ works
  • Account linking has improved: the login screen is now better optimised for adding a new identity to Mozillians.

We aim to make the login experience even better. Please let us know if have any feedback as a comment on this post or file an issue in our GitHub repository.


In particular on mobile, I would really appreciate a “show password” box.

Nothing more frustrating than getting 14 characters into a 20 character password and then going “Oops… Did I hit that key once… or twice?”.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Matthew! I will investigate if this is something we can add to the login experience. In the meantime, I would recommend using a password manager on mobile.