Changing the Scroll bar colours

PLEASE add the ability to colour the scroll bar. This was possible before Quantum but removed for a reason that’s never been clear. It needs to be a part of Color.

It’s 2018 and we’re still plagued by the grey on grey scroll bar…


Yes, please, add option to change the Scroll bar colors.
Light gray on lightest gray is very bad form usability standpoint.

Yes, please do something about this. Grey on grey is just horrible. It’s not really user friendly.


The colour of the vertical scrollbars are dependent on the underlying operating system. Changing the theme or style there should lead to a change in the scroll bars in Firefox.

That’s not true on my system for more recent versions of Firefox. Thunderbird (52, 60 and beta 69) all color my scrollbars the same as my system, Firefox (60 esr, 68) also do. Firefox (69 dev ed, 70 nightly) do not.

In fact, that’s possible by adding some code in userchrome.css and adding a userchrome.js file.

All information needed here :