Collaboration (formerly Infrastructure) 2015-01-11


See for more information on the format change. Due to the short notice of the format change, we’ll still be meeting today at 21 UTC

Hot topics today will be:

  • WordPress plan

There has been new discussion on how to offer WordPress to communities, and there are some questions to answer.

  • Pilots

We discussed Pilots in the Thursday meeting. This is something new Mozilla is trying, smaller, quantifiable and measurable efforts to test out new projects, and iterate on them before deciding if they are worth rolling out. We have several proposals for Pilots to work on, and to choose which ones we want to focus on.

Current suggestions for pilots

  • WordPress
  • Discourse
  • Reps Council’s AMA on Discourse
  • Kitherder


Forgot the link! Vidyo -


We mostly discussed WordPress this time around. For a summary of what we discussed and to continue the discussion, please head over to this topic - Plans for WordPress

A few notes on the other pilots:

  • Discourse
  • We are filling out a pilot doc for Discourse even though it’s really ready to come out of pilot stage. This will help us to make a stronger case for wider adoption, as well as focus our thinking to be sure everything is ready for the next steps.
  • Reps Council’s AMA on Discourse
  • I’m organizing an AMA, I’m going to fill out a pilot doc for it, the pilot will try to promote two things, 1) that teams should do AMAs to help their communities better get to know them and 2) That Discourse is a great platform for communication and it has real advantages over mailing lists ok and maybe 3) That we don’t have to do AMAs on Reddit which require people to create non-Mozilla accounts to participate.
  • Kitherder
  • This would be a great pilot but we’re slightly stalled. @emma_irwin had requested an instance to play with but she’s not sure anymore if she’ll be able to lead the testing. Once we sort out whether or not someone from Guides will be able to drive this, we’ll pursue drafting a pilot plan and getting a test instance set up. We won’t put further effort into getting this set up until we hear back.