Mozilla Reps Newsletter - May 2019

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Mozilla is moving to Zoom video client YAY!!

Zoom video client rollout will start 6th May and Vidyo will be gone by 31th May.

Download now!

Council Updates:

  1. Reps OKRs – First half of the year 2019

  2. We are updating the Reps Description

  3. Welcome to our new reps council body members

Rep Of The Month - April

Mozillian Of The Month - March

Voting for Mozillian of the Month for April starts now. Hurry up vote now.

Please read the fascinating stories and if you are impressed don’t forget to vote for them. Share it with your local community and ask them to vote too!
Voting for Mozillian of the Month, April (end 5/26 15:00 UTC)

Under Construction: Building a Portal for Mozillian Community Groups

We are making strides on the Community Group Portal, we have a total of 15 registered groups in the pilot and have recently started extending invitations to Campus Clubs. As Lucy mentioned on the Reps call last week we are in the process of finalizing an agency to build the portal tool and will share details more details shortly!

View the group profiles or Register your group

Reps Status Survey

Based on program survey at the end of Q1 2019

Please take a look at the survey

Campaign Updates - Common Voice Campaign

Amazing Common Voice Campaign comes to an end. Thank you for your envolvement.

234 people contributed to have 26 validated hours in English for common voice.

Our Reps have successfully helped in freeing the voice ecosystem.

Live from Reps Planet

Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran - Discovery of another passion!

During this year’s traditional festival of Tamil Nadu, I not only celebrated it in a holy way but also I learnt, shared and discovered. Yes, this was the exact time that the Firefox Fights For You video challenge was open

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Viswaprasath KS - Add-ons session at LPU

LPU generally called as Lovely Professional University is well known university in India. Recently the students club organized one of the amazing event #DiveIntoOpenSource It was not a very easy travel to LPU. I to some extent I love travel …

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Firefox and Emerging Markets Leadership

Building on the success of Firefox Quantum, we have a renewed focus on better enabling people to take control of their internet-connected lives as their trusted personal agent — through continued evolution of the browser and web platform — and with new products and services that provide enhanced security, privacy and user agency across connected life.

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It’s Complicated: Mozilla’s 2019 Internet Health Report

Today, Mozilla is publishing the 2019 Internet Health Report — our third annual examination of the internet, its impact on society and how it influences our everyday lives.The Report paints a mixed picture of what life online looks like today. We’re more connected than ever, with humanity passing the ‘50% of us are now online’ mark earlier this year. And, while almost all of us enjoy the upsides of being connected, we also worry about how the internet and social media are impacting our children, our jobs and our democracies.

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Simple, private file sharing up to 2.5 GB

Mozilla always committed to people’s security and privacy…Firefox Send provides free file transfers while keeping personal information private.

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Good team work by Mayur, Ruwan and Ganesh :slight_smile:

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