Community Leadership Summit

(Benjamin Kerensa) #1

Will anyone be attending CLS this year?

We would love to have more Mozillians and are planning for this to be another year of growth in terms of attendance.

(alex_mayorga) #2

¡Hola Benjamin!

With an expired US visa and the MXN to USD rate these days, I don’t think so :frowning:

Enjoy the event :smiley:


I believe this is the kind of event that Reps would give a budget for a
certain number of sponsored attendees. We should talk to Rosana/Council
about this, I think it was on their radar. I couldn’t go unless I could get
sponsorship, but I think I’d rather someone else got a chance to go who
hasn’t yet, as well.

(alex_mayorga) #4

If I could get budget and visa help, I’d be glad to attend…

Cc @rosana, @lasr21 :wink:

(Lasr21) #5

@kensie @alex_mayorga the past year we have some reps attending … I cant remember the process for those who attend. I can take the task from the council side.

(Benjamin Kerensa) #6

So I talked to Brian about this back when I urged them to have you and @emma_irwin attend to make this a event kind of like Fosdem where some reps could attend each year since its much like an education/training opportunity.

I definitely agree it would be nice to let more folks who have not yet attended have the opportunity but each year the content is different so there is benefit in attending again. Most of our attendees for the event are repeat attendees (90%). It would be great to see an SOP for training and education event funding for Reps since this seems to be a component of the radical participation that the participation team is working on.

(Benjamin Kerensa) #7

@lasr21 It was @emma_irwin @Kensie and Alex Lakatos (Who is not on discourse).

(Emma Irwin) #8

Hi Benjamin, I agree regular opportunities are important - thanks for the nudge . Aside from this specific event, it would be good to have a list of others we could find value from. Can we think of any others? For example in the fall there is the Open Education Summit in Vancouver - that I hope to attend, but might not be for everyone of course - how can we get a list together?