Meetings, purpose and impact


Hi everyone,

We need to figure out what we would like to get out of real-time meetings to better design them for impact.

What would you like to get out of a regular meeting with North America Reps/Mozillians? How does that benefit you with your work in your local community?

Some ideas from the meeting:

  • Check-in/updates as to what others are up to - inspiration for your own activities, chance to offer to work together
  • Work collaboratively instead of individually - you may prefer to work with a team instead of independently

Based on our objectives, we can figure out which types of meetings we should have, and how often we (or sub-sets of us!) should meet.

(alex_mayorga) #2

Is Mexico considered “North America” in this context?


I think Reps from Mexico have traditionally grouped themselves with LATAM, but we would defer to the community in Mexico if they’d like to be involved with us. For our purposes we’ve been thinking of ourselves as “English speaking North America” but of course Mexico is also in North America, it’s not just Canada and the US, and there are plenty of Spanish speaking people in the US as well.

(hlee) #4

I like the ideas suggested, just to elaborate on them:

  • check-in/updates - as a fairly new rep I still don’t know very many other reps in North America. It was nice to put real faces & voices to names. :smile:
  • work collaboratively - collaboration is definitely fun and I’d love to use these meetings as channels to grow more collaborative work/projects! Same thing with sharing & overcoming challenges. We’re likely to face similar challenges and we can troubleshoot them together.
  • sense of a community - hosting these regular meetings just provide us a sense of community as NA reps

(Benjamin Kerensa) #5

So I think my thought for restarting the meetings was we had a lack of collaboration, cohesion and community since things went quiet. I think we have less impact when we do not have those three pillars.

(alex_mayorga) #6

I’m a Mexican Rep myself, not the best Rep in the block, but I’ve done things :smile:
I’m fluent in English and live in a place with a 3 hours drive to the US border and I for one would like to participate on your meetings if you don’t mind.

Looping my Reps mentor @lasr21 just in case I’ve typed something inappropriate :wink:

(Lasr21) #7

@alex_mayorga not at all. I know that for language purposes the LATAM group works amazing. but as Alex point out how the Mozillians form MX who also happen to know English can collaborate with our brothers from US and CA

(Benjamin Kerensa) #8

It would be great to have you! I have always considered Mexico to be part of NA even though you all do tie into LATAM more.

(Benjamin Kerensa) #9

And sisters !

(alex_mayorga) #10

¡Gracias @bkerensa y @lasr21!

@Kensie How do I sign up for these meetings?


We’ll announce them here, and probably in Reps General when they’re Reps specific. This is our main communication forum, so if you follow here you should be ok.


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