🚀 Community Portal - Mid-2020 update: Metrics, search and localization

Hello Mozillians,

As a follow-up to our March update, I’m happy to share that after a lot of hard work, we have finished the Milestone 2.

What’s new?

:rocket: Significant growth

During the past 4 months, the portal usage has been skyrocketing, and today we have:

  • 4100 profiles: In 43 countries, speaking 87 different languages.
  • 161 groups (26 already verified): From 40 countries.
  • 263 events: Taking place in 22 different countries and online.

:mag: Better filtering

Search and filtering inside groups has never been easier. You can now filter members by name, location, language, or interest.

This granularity has also been applied to the events, groups, people, allowing the same level of search and filtering.

Global search was also improved to allow you to find what you are looking for.

:bar_chart: More stats

Community Managers can export reports on groups and events to be able to play with the data and come back with data-driven decisions on how to better support our communities and contributors.

:lock: Security and stability

We conducted a major code refactoring to make sure we were supporting the security industry standards as well as making sure the code and dependencies were fully up to date to keep our data safe and stable.

:globe_with_meridians: Localization support

The site is now ready to support localization. This is a major step to make sure everyone feels at home using the portal.

:house: New home for Reps

The Mozilla Reps program has completed its transition and now it’s using the Community Portal as its new home. Looking to join the program or getting support from a Rep nearby? We have you covered!

:fox_face: More campaigns

In the past months, the portal allowed us to bring visibility and connect contributors to three new campaigns that have helped Mozilla projects to reach their goals: Hunt from Home: Phase 1 and 2 and the Common Voice Single Word Sprint.

Additionally, we have reached out to more than 45 thousand people who are subscribed to our campaigners newsletter - the place to get new opportunities to support Mozilla’s mission sent directly to your inbox.

What’s next

Our next step is to prepare everything to welcome localizations. It is important to note that although the UI of the site will be fully localizable from Mozilla’s Pontoon, other parts of the site (like activities and campaigns pages content) will follow a different process and we can’t ensure yet which languages will be supported (due work needed to manually update these pages).

We know 2020 is a weird year for everyone, and this for sure has also affected our original plans with the portal. But since the portal plays such a fundamental part into how we support and think about contributors and communities, we will be fully focusing on stability and security for the coming months, leaving new features up for analysis in 2021.

Stay tuned for more updates on the portal. We hope your contributions are reaching a new level thanks to the portal!

Special thanks to:

  • Konstantina Papadea - Campaigns lead
  • Francesca Minelli - Community Manager
  • Mrinalini Dayal - Community Manager
  • Emma Irwin - CPG and engagement
  • Matt Croud - UX and design
  • Daniele Scasciafratte - Community engineering advisor
  • Reps Council - Community advisors and QA
  • Keegan Ferrando - IT and wpengine support
  • Florian Merz - Engineering advisor
  • Jeff Beatty - Localization advisor
  • Axel Hecht - Localization advisor
  • Craig Cook - Engineering advisor
  • Lucy Harris - Project sponsor

Ruben, on behalf of the Community Development Team.