Compatibility of Mozilla Discourse with the new look (AMO)


If I recall correctly: with the classic look, URLs for add-ons – including abbreviations such as the one above, – resulted in embedded previews in Mozilla Discourse.

An alternative test, although I doubt that this instance of Discourse is (or should be) prepared to embed content from this domain:


Third test, development domain, without the abbreviation:


Fourth and final, production, without the abbreviation:


@jorgev just FYI :arrow_up: – I don’t imagine that there’s anything for you folks to do on the AMO side.

Cross reference


Via a snapshot of the opening post (above) I found:

Testing the URL in that case:


There’s also something like an embed at post 464 under but generally (not specific to this instance) Discourse does not lend itself to captures of long topics so I reckon, that example is negligible.

Yeah, I don’t know what Discourse uses to auto-generate the preview. If there’s some meta tag we can add for this or something else, I’d be good to know what it is.

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It uses onebox, which relies on oEmbed or OpenGraph.

As an example of a link which does onebox:

You can see the Open Graph data here:

And them same for an AMO link which doesn’t onebox:

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