Contain Nano Buildpack? + apt build pack update

so slily, but i’m very serious thing.

recently, i wipe DB + Apps. Luckily 20 min’s sync_projects is save me. problem is SSH. you know, Pontoon’s SSH is some complicated. but i found easy thing, and working!

  1. heroku ps:exec -a pontoon
  2. github recommand using email thing. (, but pontoon’s SSH Part(~/.ssh/authorized_keys) is weird. deleted line and replace new line with contain your email things.

so 2 is very damm process in Heroku-20 Stack. Heroku-nano is showing

nano: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory - but someone found this things -

it is maybe helpful of Pontoon’s Settings. therefore, i think contain nano + apt build packs. (down to 18 is some problem -