Converting Chrome extensions into Firefox addons ready for AMO

(Rubén Martín) #1


I’ve just discovered today this addon to automatically install and port Chrome extensions from their store:

So far so good, it has allowed me to do the full process in a couple of clicks and also generates an addon ready to upload to AMO.

Is this something we should encourage community to help with extensions that are Chrome Store only right now and their license allows us to play with them?


(Jorge) #2

Playing with them is fine, but we expect people who submit add-ons to AMO to be willing to work on them, keep them up to date, and provide support to their users. Ideally, the authors of the Chrome versions would be the ones maintaining the Firefox versions as well.

So, yeah, it’d be nice to have more people making add-ons for Firefox, and porting good Chrome extensions. It wouldn’t be nice to get a flood of clones that are quickly abandoned.