cookies is not visible

(unicoder) #1

cookies is visible

after page reload - is not visible

how to fix ?

(Sebastian Zartner) #2

From those two screenshots it is hard to say what is causing this problem.

  1. To confirm whether this is a bug in the Firefox DevTools, you should first check whether you see the same issue on other websites. If no, it’s probably a problem in your website. You can confirm that by checking in other browser’s developer tools.
  2. If yes, make sure you have the latest version of Firefox installed (currently 63.0.3 or ESR 60.3). If yes, create a new Firefox profile and check there if you can still reproduce the issue. If not, it’s a problem with your profile. Then you may just stick with the new profile or you can report back here for further info.
  3. If you can reproduce the problem in the new profile, you should file a bug and try to attach a small, reproducible test case or at least give some detailed instructions how to reproduce the problem.


Note: There’s also a more general troubleshooting guide, which you may want to follow.