Council-like bodies in other organizations

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In one of our previous Council meetings Rosana brought in a very interesting idea.

It would be great if we could talk to other organizations to see how they run their programs and how they handle local volunteers. This could be something like the Reps Council in other organizations or just in general organizations that have interactions with volunteers. With this information we could think “around the box” and maybe get input on what we could improve / do more efficiently with the Reps program.

Input that would be very valuable for us:

  • Do you know of an organization that handles volunteers in general?
  • Do you know of an organization that has something like the “Reps Council”?
  • What would be interesting to ask them about their program?
  • If you have a contact for one of those organizations, even better!

Organizations that came up until now:

Thanks for your input,

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This is long overdue, after we formed the policies around council in 2012, we were meant to follow up on whether we should make changes, and improvements.

Much of our inspiration came from @lsblakk’s experiences on a not-for-profit board. Local arts boards for example, or community associations. I can think of a handful of Mozillians that also serve on other boards. If we could think of some concrete questions to ask we could make a survey.

I am a Member of LibreItalia, a LibreOffice Italian Association, and one of the Membership Committee of The Document Foundation ( is an Italian.
This committee have the role to evaluate the application of the volunteers to applicate as a member. To became a member you need to contribute as an active volunteer and after you can participate in the elections of the committes.
Also a member you can access free to the professional certificate (

The Italian Linux Society, I am also a member, have a system like mozillians but with more filter like city (that info on mozillians is not mandatory) and organize campaign for promotion about open source also to the italian government and provide gadgets for the Linux Day to all the association in the country registered. Like us (as a community) but have an important role as promotion.

The Ubuntu community have a council that organize the activity of all the other sub groups (dedicated for any activity) that have elections. I know many member of the Italian Ubuntu community.

The Debian community have two type of members and require to be an active volunteer and they can participate in the elections. I know few Italian Debian developers.

I know other communities I’ll try to investigate.

PS: the things in common of that communities that the active volunteers are rewarded with “promotion” or certificate that they can use in their curriculum.

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