Council meeting notes - 2017-07-25

During this meeting the council discussed the following:

  • Q3 OKR planning : joined meeting happened with the Open Innovation team and the Council is now working on the Reps OKRs
  • Logo discussion: the Council is working with the brand team about the Reps re-branding. Elio from the Council is leading this and is going to open the discussion for feedback to all the Reps
  • Acivate:
  1. PR open for the dashboard of the impact form and it is to be reviewed by Laka by Saturday
  2. Michael is working on Docker container to give to ParSys for hosting the API
  3. Next step for Michael: work on new branding
  4. Konstantina is on conversations with the Rust team and add-ons on next steps
  • Resources (Flore + Konstantina): Testing of the training has started
  • Coaching (Faye + Michael): working on a proposal for the regarding the practice week
  • Chages to wiki have been submitted and accepted by the Council