Create goals for other people

What I want:
I want to create new goals for other people.

Title: write down 100 sentences, check 200 sentences.
Task: talk - 100, listen - 200, language - English
Beginning: May 1, 2021
End: June 1, 2021
Description: when you complete the assignment, you will receive a book. To pick it up, you have to email

I want to attract more people. for this I want to create a goal and control the process of achieving it. if they reach the goal, I give them a prize.

how to implement:

  1. add a page for creating a public goal. the list of fields is given above in the example
  2. once created, you can see the statistics, how many people meet the goal and what their progress is. accounts can be hidden
  3. if someone wants to achieve the goal, he should log in and press the button “activate goal”.
  4. When the task is completed, they will write me an email and I will arrange with them how to transfer the winnings.