Custom registration server behavior

Hello Team,
i have two Azure VMs DNS servers with a Registration Server Docker image running, successfully and a separate VM with MySQL Docker image running that serves the two above VMs, and i have another VM running a webthings gateway docker image for testing, it is configured to register with the above registration server with my own custom domain.
Now everything runs fine but i have noticed the following behavior and not sure what to make of it.

  1. after creating a custom domain and navigating to it the dashboard shows up and all is good.
    but …
    if i tried to open the same URL form a different system it wouldn’t open, and the first dashboard starts to loose it’s connection and shows Gateway unreachable…
    when i browse to the gateway using it’s ip VM address it works fine and the connection is solid, and only the connection through the custom sub domain that keeps going back and forth, meaning if i leave the browser open it resumes the connection and refreshes on it’s own.

my question is what causes this behavior?
is it a limit on pagekite on how many instances it can run for each gateway? if yes how do i increase that limit? or is it something else?


I’m guessing your NS records are not configured correctly. Did you follow the README exactly? Is the dig command returning what it should? We don’t limit the number of PageKite connections or anything.

yes everything is configured correctly as per the readme…
i think its the size of the VM that might be the issue…

Do you have any recommendation on the minimum size VM one should use for the registration server docker? should it be high on CPU or Memory or both?


1 CPU and 512 MB - 1 GB of memory should be plenty. Network bandwidth tends to be more limiting.

I think the issue might have been related to Azure outages that MS has been experiencing lately…
i also noticed that the MySQL VM was under sized (1CPU, 1GB)…after upscaling that to 2CPU, 4GB no issues so far… the DNS VMs were sized at 1CPU, 1GB…