Https:// Is inaccessible again

Currently unable to access .

Sorry I didn’t see your message sooner to let you know, but the DNS servers are back up.

It seems is down again?

I can get to the web site…

It was down, I rebooted it. Sorry about that. Help welcome as always.

Hi Ben, i went to your “Help Welcome” link on Github to have a read and was wondering could this be a cause of concern? ie. the part that says-

“We think that the DNS servers are occasionally getting overwhelmed by traffic but we don’t know where it’s coming from, I suspect it isn’t WebThings users because there are lots of failed lookups for subdomains that don’t exist in the logs”

Or is this something that would be relatively benign?

I can’t comment on Pagekite security, but the service exposes a direct link into your home WebThing instance where the login screen is shown… If you have weak user account names and passwords then there into your WT front end. If were lucky WT supports a failed login backoff timer to slow down brute-force attempts. I’ve not evaluated WT 2FA yet which should be more secure.

Personally, I use Wireguard to access my home networks.

After initial configuration of WT it has worked reliably for multiple years and I rarely need to access the GUI.