Data from local community sites


I talked with @pierros time ago about importing local communities data to a central place you are working on.

I was wondering what’s the current status and which information/next steps you will need from our side.


Hey Nuke!

Please have a look on my recent blogposts and on this wiki page:

We can start the integration as soon as we are ready on the systems side. Review those and let me know, so we can schedule a meeting.


@pierros do you know if someone is already working on plugins to allow exporting a JSON from Wordpress, phpBB or mediawiki?

Is the email the unique ID for matching contributors? I’m thinking about people using different emails for different contribution tools.

Pierros you might want to give at look at this:

It gathers information associated to someone, either mailing lists posts, github activity, forum activity, etc. and shows it up as a general participation page with all the activity. I think that we can add more services to it and make it useful on the mozilla enviorement.

Some examples (SSL cert gives an error since its autosigned, so you may need to add an exception to it)

Anyways this is the result:

@ThePhoenixBird how did you get to that? Did I show it to you in the last RemoCamp?

I’ve developed this tool last year in a 3-4 months project for the Brazilian Federal Senate.
We are actually just starting to work on it again but now for a ministry (Ministerio do Planejamento).

Our main goal now is to make the tool easy to integrate with other stuff creating a plugin architecture and also make it more generic. Improve the gamefication part is also on the roadmap.

When I develop the tool I was working pretty much alone but this time I’m in a team with about 10 students (Computer Science and Design students).

@pierros if you feel like it’s a good idea to join our efforts we could discuss that. I’d be glad!


@seocam it was shown to me by Leonardo Caballero (the guy in the pics above) he is a skilled python dev and went to Brazil for a Plone conference in the senate or something, the thing is that we met recently and we talked about community contributions and tracking and he just showed me this tool. Didnt knew that it was developed by you LOL! blasted some NDA’s i think haha!