Deactived new addon version. Can't reactivate it

(Mickaël Allonneau) #1


I have an addon on AMO, and recently I’ve tried to upload a new version (2.0), but during the validation process there was an “unexpected” screen – one that I hadn’t seen when uploading previous versions – and by mistake I randomly misclicked one of the buttons, without having the time to read the page. The button was something like “Don’t publish”, and there was another one which I believe was “Publish anyway”.

Now, this new version appears in the “Other versions” section of my addon’s page and it says that’s it’s been “disabled by Mozilla” (while it was me when I clicked that button by mistake I think), and I can’t modify my choice and decide to publish it. I can’t remove it and re-upload it either. What can I do? How do I publish it?

Do I really have to bump the version just so I can upload it again?

(Jorge) #2

Yes, you’ll need to increase the version number and submit again.