Accidentally disabled new version of my add-on


While uploading a new version of my add-on, I accidentally clicked “disable” after uploading the new file. Now, the new version is listed along with all of the other version, but it says “Disabled by Mozilla” under the status. I don’t see any option to re-enable it; or to make it the current version. How can I enable this version? I cannot re-upload it because the version already exists, and it warns me that even if I delete it, I will be unable to upload that same version number again.


(Juraj Masiar) #2

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible.
But you can just increase the version number upload it again. There is no limit.

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(rugk) #3

But I had the general problem too: Uploaded the version and did not continue the wizard, as I noticed some problem and wanted to fix it in the version.
However, I only noticed afterwards it was already registered and deleting also does not help, because you cannot re-use the version number.
So I had to bump the version number again… :frowning_face:


(Juraj Masiar) #4

Yes, the last part of the wizard - the release notes - is actually when your add-on is already being reviewed and published :slight_smile: (and by the time you finish writing what’s changed, it may be already published).

Happened to me as well, when writing release notes I’ve noticed something I’ve programmed and didn’t tested yet and it’s full of bugs…

So now I’m writing release notes before uploading new version :slight_smile:.

Note that if you care about version numbers and you don’t want to release 3.1 after just releasing 3.0, you can use 3.0.1 and later with the new version continue with 3.1.