Deepspeech model training with Node JS

Hi @lissyx,

Is it possible to train deepspeech model with Node JS?

As we could train model with python code with the help of file, so is it possible with NodeJS code as well?


No, you are getting confused between training and inference code. Inference is libdeepspeech in C with bindings in several languages, including Python and NodeJS/ElectronJS

Hi @lissyx,

Does that means i have to use file only to train the data sets.?

i was thinking to develop an application back-end NodeJS ,which will pull data from one location and perform training.

Would there be any way to achieve it. i mean by installing NodeJS binaries referring to
OR it’s better to train with file which i guess would use python binaries .

Or installing deepspeech module in node will do the same for me , sorry i case i am not getting your point.


That’s what we mention in the documentation.

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do.

As documented, this is only inference code. You cannot train with that.

It’s not “better”, it’s the only way.

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Thanks @lissyx for clarification !!