Default Bookmarks Folder Extension - NOT WORKING

The extension installs ok (shows up under my extensions) but there is No “Dedicated Icon” anywhere (as promised in the description) and therefore there is no way to set the default folder. Download page says I should be prompted on installation to choose default folder: I AM NOT PROMPTED TO CHOOSE ANYTHING Very frustrating and time consuming.

Hi mpmalloy, by any chance are you using automatic private browsing? Only extensions expressly configured to run in private browsing windows will work in that mode.

You can check whether Default Bookmarks Folder is enabled for private windows on the Add-ons page, Extensions panel. If there isn’t a purple mask icon next to the name of the extension, click the name to show the Details panel, and scroll down to the Run in Private Windows row where you can click Allow.

Does that help?

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LOL Yes, that is exactly what the the problem was.
I finally figured it out on my own but thanks for the prompt reply.
Firefox #1

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Hey, just btw., concerning the title of the topic: “Default Bookmarks Folder Extension” and if I were to guess - because, it isn’t (!?) actually mentioned anywhere - this was the assumed-thingy (& maybe some things related)?

Soo, just wanted to stress how there is a very easy way to see-and-control bookmarks (what’s now called the LIBRARY), with the new Firefox; there are very neat XUL pages and they are called via the URL bar: just copy-paste the following in your address bar and witness the magic:

  1. chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul
  2. chrome://browser/content/places/bookmarksSidebar.xul
  3. chrome://browser/content/places/historySidebar.xul

What it does is open-up the elements otherwise placed in other locations - in tabs; which is pretty cool, if you ask me!..:wink: :slight_smile:

The first one is: 1) Bookmarks Menu, “Show All Bookmarks”, Ctrl+Shift+B which would usually pop-up a new ‘Library’ window; and the second, 2) emulates Ctrl+B which would open Bookmarks in the Sidebar on the right; and finally, 3) it loads teh historySidebar.xul that would also be opened in the Sidebar (Ctrl+H right), except in this way it can be loaded in a (new) tab. Nice, cool?! IDK., I like it… hope someone else will find it useful, too! =)

Hi nostromov, those URLs are great for viewing and navigating, but be cautious with right-click menu commands on those pages because some of the code may fail or run incorrectly out of its original context.