Designer searching fo a developer to make a crazy add-on


Let me know, where is the right place to present my add-on idea and find a developer, who likes it and want to work with me on this.


What do you mean by crazy add-on? Monetized to an extent that’s crazy?

Ok, than I say a few words about the add-on. It is not made for profit in mind.

It’s name would be Facebook-meter, which measures how many meters of Facebook content did you visit/scroll per day. The never ending FB content makes people consume more and this app would show in a funny way the huge quantity of information we consume.

An extension of this plugin would be to show how an overall meter of all content we consume/day. In statistics page we could comparison, like 25 May 2016 - Facebook, 45,5 meter: this content printed on wallpaper would cover a room of 5x4 meter.

I could personally work on it if and when I have enough time, but I prefer a generic add-on. i.e. can be used for other sites too. The user would select websites (domains) to track.

The add-on would display a panel like this:  4.32 [history] 2.05 [history] 0.56 [history]

This should be locale-customizable: e.g. 1.00 vs 1,00
Also for feet / meters

However, measuring scrolling is in fact a rather difficult task technically because many sites use customized layouts for scrolling. Simple example: scrolling <html> vs <body>. Determining display density is another part.

Simple check possible with an add-on:
Disclaimer: I work on ClickGuard (not developed for money).
This is a “hidden” feature. That is,

Toggling ClickGuard normally does not block scrolling.
However, when a website uses specially customized scrolling, it will be blocked.

If you don’t need to measure such a complex website, coding will be easier. (Test on your favorite websites) Have any ideas?


Thanks for your reply.
I am glad you are interested in this project. It is OK for me to be flexible with time and project details. If you think we could do a reasonable plugin in 3-6 months, than I am in.

I have basic HTML knowledge, but maybe I could help with rough ideas. On usability, design and features/ideas I could help you more.

When and if you are ready we can move, the discussion somewhere else and make the first steps. I have a few measuring ideas as well.

This measures scrolling, but no history data will be saved for now. As usual, you’ll need to disable signing enforcement in Firefox to test this development version. A good icon and branding will be needed before publishing. The code is currently published under a generic free software license.

Source code:

Do you have an account (Firefox Account)? Would you like to submit the add-on to Mozilla yourself? Or should I submit it using the Desktopd Project’s account when finished? Of course, co-submission is also possible (with multiple owners).


I made an account, my username is: sztrapacska
I could submit the Addon with you as a co-author.

I didn’t use this Mozilla AddOn thing so let me know where can we communicate.

I manage this account for Desktopd Project:
The email address for it is not secret (desktopd dash l at ochaken dot cf) but it may change in the future.
I can see emails sent to this address. Subscription for this mailing list is not open so it can be used for private communication.

did you got my email? if not write me to contact at vancsa dot com

You can also check my ported (from Chrome) and updated addon:

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You really made a year before me and i didn’t see it.
I will test it …curious to see it how it works.