Dev Community Project Meeting, March 31st 2017

(Jeremie Patonnier) #1

Hello everybody,

Here are the minutes of the Developer Community project meeting that was run on March 31st 2017.

Reminder: This meeting is public and has been recorded, everybody is welcome to attend. The schedule time for the next meeting is available on our WikiMo page.


  • Web builder interviews are almost done (the 3 remaining are scheduled next week).
  • The larger web builders survey (based on interviews feedback) is done and reviewed. It is ready to be pushed live, feel free to spread that link around you.

Next steps

  • Push the survey live. Target channel:
    • Developer Newsletter (April 6th)
    • MDN (Today to April 14th)
    • Twitter (@MozDevNet, @mozhacks), Jeremie to reach out to Danielle and Flaki
    • Mozilla Community (Reps, Tech Speakers), Jeremie to attend weekly calls next week.
  • Finish final report with the results of the research (target mid-April)


  • None

Other topics

An aside discussion arise to use Community Space for experimenting with the Developer Community project. Lucy Harris will follow up with a dedicated meeting to discuss in depth how Community space are currently used and how we could use them in the future.

I’m available to answer any questions you could have about that meeting, and the project :slight_smile:


(Sladg) #2

Is it possible to upload video on Flash-free server? :slight_smile:

(GeorgeRoter) #3

Hey Jeremie,

Great notes.

Small concern: We’re going to be doing an extensive survey of our core contributors in about 10 days as part of the larger Open Innovation Strategy project.

Is there any chance that we could leave the Mozilla Community out of this web builders survey? Do they add crucially important data?



(Jeremie Patonnier) #4

Hi George,

Yes off course. We talk about this Friday with Lucy and currently my only plan is to join the Weekly call on Thursday. I agree that having two survey in a short time frame is not ideal. I can get data without the whole Mozilla Community so it’s okay for me to step down here.

I’ll make it clear on Thursday during the call :slight_smile: