Dev Community Project Meeting, June 8th 2017

(Jeremie Patonnier) #1

Hello everybody,

Here are the minutes of the Developer Community project meeting that was run on June 8th 2017.

Reminder: This meeting is public and has been recorded, everybody is welcome to attend.

Note: As Mozilla is organizing its All-Hands at end of June, the next meeting is canceled and a special review meeting will be organized during that All-Hands.


  • A concrete proposal for implementation as been draft and is awaiting review and comments from you. See the full narrative for our pilot plan. The more feedback we get the better, therefor feel free to circulate this document around you.

Next steps

  • Organizing a review meeting during the All-Hands to: A. perform a review of the findings and suggested solution, B. plan the next steps.


  • None


  • Arielle provided a quick update about the event agenda tool the ParSys team is working on: A demo is on its way for the All-Hands.

I’m available to answer any questions you could have about that meeting, and the project :slight_smile:


(Viswaprasath) #2

Hi Jeremie,

Any update from All hands regarding developer community