Dev Community Project Meeting, March 2nd 2017

(Jeremie Patonnier) #1

Hello everybody,

Here are the minutes of the second Developer Community project meeting that was run on March 2nd 2017.

Reminder: This meeting is public and has been recorded, everybody is welcome to attend. The schedule time for the next meeting is available on our WikiMo page.


  • Strategy document: Slidedeck is done, and it can be shared at large. As per the discussion during the last weeks and confirmed during this meeting we reevaluate our target to be explicitly broader than just developers who produce code, we want to address “web builders” which include developers along designers, project managers, etc.
  • Interview framework to get feedback from the ground up is almost done (a last round of review is due by Tuesday)
  • We start having a descent list of people to interview, If you know people you think should be relevant to meet, please share their contact info with Jeremie. Note that it’s a first round of 1:1 interview, once we will have some feedback we plan to perform a larger survey but we need some concrete material before scaling up.
  • Some discussion occurred with people from the Participation team, in particular around CoSS (Community Support Software) with Henrik Mitsch and Arielle Kilroy. This is something that will be necessary for us as soon as the project will enter the implementation stage. They are currently working on gathering the relevant business stakeholders for this project, make sure to reach out to them if you want to be involved.

Next steps

  • (Jeremie) Pitch the project and gather feedback from a set of potential target.


  • None

I’m available to answer any questions you could have about that meeting, and the project :slight_smile: