Developer or test versions of already listed addons

(Kevinhowjones) #1

In the old days, we used to be able to submit a version of an addon with an “a” or “b” character in the version string, in order to sign an addon for dev/debugging purposes without it appearing as the listed addon or users being automatically updated to that version. This was very convenient when working with users in trying to debug problems that were not easily reproduce-able. But when trying this approach (using alpha/beta flag in the version string), I find this is no longer the case.

Is there other recourse that can be done in order to accomplish this, other than submitting it under another addon id and self-signing/self-hosting it?

(Martin Giger) #2

You can also upload unlisted versions for an extension that is listed. Afaik they can’t share the same version numbers though.

(Kevinhowjones) #3

Hmm, I was afraid of doing that for fear that by selecting the unlisted option for that addon (with the same UUID), it would affect all of the versions I had already listed (and thus they would become no longer listed)

(Martin Giger) #4

Nothing to fear there, it’s a completely separate thing, except that it’s the same extension ID:

(Kevinhowjones) #5

Okay, thanks Martin.